Mobile Tarpaulin Shelter Videos


60m² Shelter Video

Set up time : 15 mn 2 people

The 60 m2 GILLARD ‘S SHELTER is used by different emergency services and the French (Military).

No air compressor is needed unlike inflatable tents. Its robustness and reliability guarantees a long life expectancy with minimal care.

Can be adapted to a mounting cradle or a trailer.

The type of support chosen permits storage space for all optional equipment (generator stretchers, lighting, heating, etc…)

The assembly is simple and requires only a few hours of learning to master

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120m² Shelter Video

Set up time : 30 mn - 2 people

The 120 m2GILLARD’S SHELTER is the most popular model. It offers a surface/set up time ratio above any of the competition at the same time assuring reliability and solidity.

A simple assembly which necessitates only a few hours to learn how to set it up.

The upkeep costs are kept very low and its lifetime is extremely long. It can be fitted to a mounting cradle, trailer, semi trailer and container bed.

The type of support chosen permits storage space for all optional equipment (generator, lighting, heating, etc…)

The 120 m2 GILLARD’S SHELTER can be used for any military type shelter.

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320m² Shelter Video

Set up time: 50 mn - 6 people

The 320 m2 GILLARD’S SHELTER is a very impressive product thanks to its amazing surface/set. up time ratio

2 posts can be lifted by electric hoist to allow entrance of wide vehicles such as rotor blades folded.

The proposed options can provide a heated, lit and isolated area from the outside elements.

An electric hoist is also on option for lifting heavy materials inside the shelter.

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The Following pictures can help you visualise the versatility of the Gillard shelters

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